• 1 - How can I join the Cement Campaign - Concrete Gesture?

    To participate and become a Worker of the Eternal Father you can simply donate, share our posts or invite your friends and family to share with us the dream of building a New and Definitive Home of the Father.

  • 2 - How does it work?

    In this campaign, each Worker of the Eternal Father can donate the equivalent amount of cement bags that will be directed to the building.

  • 3 - Is it mandatory to donate only the values suggested?

    No. Donate what your heart inspires!

    To help facilitate the dynamic, the suggest values are​​:

    R$ 20,00 = 1 bag of cement

    R$ 40,00 = 2 bags of cement

    R$ 60,00 = 3 bags of cement

    And the option: OTHER, you can choose the amount you want and it may be higher or lower than the suggested values​​.

  • 4 - Why join the Cement Campaign if I already contribute to Afipe monthly?

    Because this campaign is an extra and specific help to advance in the construction of the New Father’s Home. If you are already associated with it and feel in your heart the desire to do a bit more, know that any extra donation can make all the difference.

  • 5 - How can I donate?

    Through the billet sent in the monthly letters or by accessing the online donation part of this website.

  • 6 - Is it safe to donate online?

    Yes, our site is secure and has a data protection system.

  • 7 - What are the ways to donate online?

    You can donate via PayPal or bank billet.

  • 8 - Where should I pay the billet?

    In banks or lotteries.

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