About the Work

Due to the constant flow of pilgrims and strength that devotion has earned in our country and even abroad, the city of Trindade in the metropolitan area of Goiânia (GO), gains another Sanctuary dedicated to the devotion to the Divine Eternal Father. The construction of New and Definitive Father’s Home aims to better accommodate the sons and daughters of the Eternal Father, offering a more suitable location with comfort and warmth.

“We want the pilgrim find a suitable, quiet and safe to do your prayers, for your statements of faith site, and to feel accepted in the House of the Father The constant flow of pilgrims and strengthen devotion, attracting more and more devotees to Trinity, mean that there is the need for this new project”, explains Redemptorist missionary and rector of the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Robson de Oliveira.

The building and construction depend entirely on donations from devotees. “The construction of the new sanctuary will be the reflection of the love and affection of every devotee, thanks for all that the Father has given us”, says the dean.


In October 2010, Father Robson announced the construction. The cornerstone was laid during the Pilgrimage of 2011 and the construction began in April 2012.

The stages of survey of the land, drainage, earthworks and underground foundations have already been made. In the latter, the foundations of the chapel and ossuary in the subsoil were built. Currently, the slab is being built, which will allow the start of the earthen square’s construction


On the ground where the New Father’s Home is being built there is a special, safe and appropriate locale to monitor all phases of the work and offer prayers. In an area next to the Cruzeiro, a gazebo and a chapel were built in a strategic location. From there, the devotees have a panoramic view of the construction.

A km away from the current Basilica Sanctuary, the New Father’s House will accommodate 6000 people seated and up to 10 thousand in all. In the outdoor area, the elevated square can accommodate 250,000 worshipers. The entire religious complex has 124 thousand square meters.

The dome will have 94 meters high, equivalent to a 30-story building. A bell tower will be built, the famous tower where the bells are, with 110 meters height. There will also be a space for visiting the Image of the Divine Eternal Father and exposure of the medallion found in 1840.

The ground floor plaza design includes museum, room of miracles, auditorium, venue for burning candles, religious products shops and a food court. Inside, an administrative complex will be built with secretarial and support rooms.

The New Sanctuary will also have ample toilets, rental of wheelchairs, strollers for people with disabilities’ assistance, comfort station and medical center. Access to the New Father’s Home will be by lateral ramps, stairs and elevators. Parking lot is ample for cars, buses and bullock carts.