Devotees consider the New Sanctuary important and necessary

DESTAQUE_MAOS_A_OBRA_DRONE_11_08_14Most devotees of the Divine Eternal Father are aware of the importance of building the New and Definitive Father’s Home in Trindade (GO). This is shown in a research by Verus Institute during the Pilgrimage of the Divine Eternal Father in 2014, which took place between 27th June and 6th July.

About 92.3% of the devotees who have been interviewed consider the significance of the construction of the new sanctuary. Of this percentage, 60.9% answered that it is very much needed and 19.4% answered that it is required.

This approval is also reported in interviews. The devout Cristina Agostine, from Francisco Beltrão (Paraná, Brazil), for example, told the Portal of the Eternal Father that Trindade is in need of a larger Sanctuary: “The Basilica is quite small for the number of devotees, especially during the festival.”

When asked about the construction, 93.5% of the pilgrims said they know about the building of the New Sanctuary. Of this total, 60.9% know the details of the project and know how it will look when ready.

In that sense the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) continues to keep the devotees informed through the media about everything that happens in the construction. This is the case of the pilgrim Maria Sueli Bertolucci Maranho from Duartina (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Interviewed by the Portal of the Eternal Father, she told us she keeps herself aware of the construction through TV: “This time I am watching very closely. It’s glorious to be here and see how the construction is going, every year that I come I feel safer with God with me. It is a confirmation of the faith and love I get from the Divine Eternal Father”, she said.

The construction is in its 4th stage

DESTAQUE_MAOS_A_OBRA_22_07_14-300x201After finishing the concreting of the underground slab of the New and Definitive Father’s Home, the workers now focus their efforts on the excavation and concreting of the foundation pillars that will support the elevated plaza of the New Sanctuary.

The completion of this phase of work is scheduled for September. The engineer Fernando Archangel explains how the structure that going through the construction process is important: “With this phase and the next one, all the devotees will be able to view how our work will be. We will take the building off the ground and it will take shape.”

The outer foundation also known as the stake excavation is the fourth phase of the work. In the places where the excavation is taking place concreted pillars will be placed. There is something about 1322 stakes. The most of the excavations is made with machinery, the bulldozers, another service in the field of work that requires a lot of attention. “The excavations can be completed quickly. In each one we are spending about seven minutes to dig an average depth of 13 meters”, says the engineer.

The Cement Campaign

All the construction planning foresees the use of large amounts of concrete. Thinking about the good progress of the works, the Association of Children of the Eternal Father (Afipe) launched last February the Cement Campaign: Concrete Gesture, so the devotees from all over the country can contribute with extra donations relating to amounts of cement bags.

Extra donations can be made here in the web portal of the Eternal Father by accessing the hot site of the New Sanctuary, where you can register as a Worker of the Eternal Father and find all the information regarding the progress of works in Trindade.

It is an effective and practical participation of each devotee that makes the construction of the New and Definitive Father’s Home advance. A work that only happens thanks to the love that binds a family of sons and daughters of the Eternal Father. “It’s a great work and needs our real effort to actually happen,” says the rector of the Basilica Sanctuary of the Divine Eternal Father, Father Robson de Oliveira.